Monday, April 14, 2014

Crossroads Part 2

As I wait and anticipate the big date ( April 21 ) to start writing my story, I can't help but take notes in my head.  Part of me wants to do that on paper right now, but I won't and I refuse.  I was at a retreat this weekend and it was all about our stories; telling them, writing them, sharing them.  Our speaker spoke of an experience that she found herself alone for three hours a week and she started talking to God about herself.  She shared with God all about her.  Yes, God knows us already.  Of course He does, He created us, BUT He still wants us to share with Him about ourselves.  It's like having a conversation with a friend.  Tell them all about us.  This got me thinking and I decided that when I start writing my story, I will write it to  God.  Not only will I share with Him but I will ask Him questions and will most likely be very annoying.  lol  When I get going with my questions, I sometimes feel like a 4 year old who asks 437 questions a day ( I just read that on facebook so it must be true).  It's probably pretty close.  lol

Some of you may wonder why I'm starting then.  Why not now while I'm thinking about it?  Well, it's part of my personality to be able to have some kind of plan.  They usually end up awry but I need a starting point.  It is what it is and so am I.

I will leave you with a daily message that I am looking at today:

God delights in me and He loves me simply because I am His.  Know this Truth friends and remember it. 

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Wyndy Callahan said...

Good for you. Let is rumble around in your head and by the time you go to write it, it will be different but richer.