Monday, December 30, 2013

New Years, Already! ( sorry for the long post ) I guess I'm chatty this morning. :)

I'm sitting her this cool snowy day thinking about 2014 and other things.  I'm enjoying a coffee and wishing for a maid so someone else would make my breakfast,  I feel that way sometimes.  :)  I haven't done tonnes of writing in my blog this year.  Some things are just too private to share and if I can't share it all, then why bother?  A few of my surface plans for the New Year:

Instead of One Word, I'm choosing the same word I used last year and adding another one to it that seems to have latched on anyway.  GRACE and TRUTH.  The big thing...learning to speak the TRUTH out with GRACE and making and enforcing more boundaries as I need them.  I have discovered too that more often than not, I need to get way better at extending grace, especially to those closest to me.

I am choosing two verses.  I'm still working on one to make sure it means what I think it does so I won't share my verses with you yet.  One is about MY THOUGHTS and one is about WORSHIP.  Two things I want to concentrate on this year in my Spiritual walk with God.  They go very much hand in hand.  I can't Worship if my Thoughts are on things that are not of God.

I also have found a Bible reading plan.  It's a two year plan.  Hmmmm my number seems to be "2" this year.  :)  After two years you have read the Bible once and the Psalms 4 times.  Less to read daily, less to have to attempt to chew on and understand.  We will see if it works for me.

I  have found a planner that I like with the daily chores already on it.  I started it yesterday.  I think it will be good for me.  I need to get a bit of a schedule going again. 

I am getting some meal plans ready. They won't be ready by the January 1 but they should be ready for next week anyway.  I think it will be way easier to handle my diabetes with all my meals  planned and snacks as well.  Going with the same health theme, Danny and I will get out and get some exercise daily ( that's a hard one).  Motivation for this isn't always high at all!.  I wish we had room for a treadmill.  I would use one of them for sure.  But, until we get Greg moved downstairs, I have no where to put one ( unless I put it downstairs ).  I'll have to think on that one.   I have a video and once it's nicer outside we have a huge back yard to play in.  :)

All this being said, I am not tying myself to any of this.  Life happens, depression happens.  My worse time of year happens ( which is soon ) so I will allow myself to not be perfect.  I will allow myself to fail and will try not to condemn.  If today is bad, tomorrow will be better.  I will allow bad days and fight through them pleading with my Jesus who will NOT EVER let me down.  I will attempt to stop comparing myself to others who seem to have it all together.  It's so much easier to share the good days and the good times, than to share the bad and make yourself vulnerable to those who claim to not have bad days.  I will attempt to become content with what I cannot control and look to God for those moments I just want to run.  I will try not to be a nuisance and run and hide every time something happens that scares me, makes me mad, or just plain makes me feel CRAZY.  I've been reading recently that I can't change people and their habits so I will attempt to NOT do that and let them be who they are.  It's not my job to play God, it's my job to turn to God, let go, and let HIM!  I've also been reading that God knows and He knew what was coming in our lives.  He allowed it.  Even though I don't agree with what He allowed ( I think I'm allowed to feel that way), I will respect it and will carry on and attempt to put all my trust in God.  My faith seems to have been weak as of late.  Being a doer, it's hard to know what I can do to make it stronger ( if I even can ).

I will concentrate on what is good and what is Godly.  I will LOVE!

So, hopefully I haven't set myself up for FAILING but if I did, I'm thankful that I serve a GOD who is NOT a failure and will never leave me nor forsake me.  In and through God, I am a Winner. 

Blessings to all my friends.  Happy New Year and Talk to you next year!!!

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Wyn said...

First of all, good for you, allowing and acknowledging that life and "me" aren't perfect is a giant step for anyone. Secondly, anyone who looks like they have it all together or says that they have it all together is lying lying lying.

I like your words, they are both lovely words, sound great, very difficult to enact. I'm sure that you will have an exciting year with them.

If you put the treadmill in the basement you will also get the exercise of going up and down the stairs. Good or bad???? LOL

If you want some meal ideas Dtour by Prevention and SparkPeople's Diabetic program have some great ones. If you can find an old TOPS book, it is based on the old Canadian Diabetic Chart so has some good ideas that aren't way out too.