Thursday, October 17, 2013

First Blog Hop For `` A Confident Heart `` Isaiah 49:23b

Today I am going to  unpack our Verse for the week which is Isaiah 49:23b  

I am surprised every time, it seems, when I see a verse like this out of Isaiah.  I always forget just what a great Book it is and all the amazing little tidbits of wisdom and promises it has for us.  

I'm sharing with you my verse map and that does explain some things about what I think about it but I will go one step further and be very honest with you.

I admit, I am disappointed much of the time and the reason it is, well it's pretty obvious, putting my hope in the Lord is something I have a really hard time with.  As much as I trust Him more than anyone else, I can't help but thinking that because He is so perfect, so just, and just so awesome, what would He even want with me?  I also know that thoughts like this are not from God but they are not only my depression talking, but also thoughts I had my whole life of not being good enough.   I know what I need to do and I know God is not only the One and Only but He is the Truth and the Light.  He is the Great I am and if I hope in Him, WHEN I hope in Him...I do TRY to Hope in Him...I will NOT be disappointed.  That is the God I serve and even though I am so undeserving of His Love, He waits for me and gently nudges me...TRUST ME.....BELIEVE ME.....ACCEPT MY LOVE FOR YOU!!!!   

Thank you so much Jesus for loving me....Inspite of Me.


Blogger Loves The King said...

Beautiful and God knows you are beautiful. Loved your blog. Thanks for sharing. Debbie W. (OBS Facebook Group Leader)

Lauren said...

Loved your verse mapping. Thanks for sharing!]
Lauren, P31 OBS Blog hop team

Alexis Plett said...

Thank you Debbie and Lauren. <3